Project voices

I’ve been trying to figure out a direction for this blog and I believe I have finally figured it out. I’m really exited to tell you about it, my fingers literally can’t type fast enough.

I’m not sure why it hadn’t occurred to me earlier because it’s not a new idea for me.

This project has been an idea I’ve been churning in my head for a few years now. Originally I wanted to record interviews and publish a book on the stories but that seemed less and less likely as well as I know little about writing and publishing a book. So what is Project Voices?

It’s the voice of an immigrant. More importantly its the voice of an undocumented immigrant. Each week I will tell a new story of a voice that should be heard. I will attempt to paint a picture for what it’s like trying to be invisible in a country that doesn’t seem to want them here.

First what I will not do:
I will not be debating current legislation in regards to undocumented people of the United States.
I will not tolerate hate speech, I moderate all comments and if I even get a tingle of threats towards individuals I will remove that with a quickness

What I will do:

I will  humanize the people I interview.  They are more than their legal status they are people with hopes, fears, goals, and hearts
I will always protect my source (so if they asked to have their name changed, I will)
I will encourage you to reach me if you or someone you know has a story they want to share
I will highly encourage you to comment, share whatever you think shows your appreciation of the immigrants story
I will respect opinions

Like I said before I’m not here to take a political stance and I understand immigration is a touchy subject. I just want people who don’t know what its like to be living undocumented to feel like they can relate to the stories and for those of us who have people close to us in this situation that we can learn from their stories. Many times we have much to learn but never will if we don’t ask.

I created a separate page on my blog just for Project Voices and you will find my first interview waiting for you.