Karismatica defined:

/ka-rees’ma-tee-ka/ adjective: A quality a person has to attract others with their presence or their form of speaking synonymous with charming y fabulosa

This is my life:

He consumes most of my thoughts, is the reason I doubt myself alot, and sometimes I think he teaches me more than I teach him. He makes several guest apperances on my blog.

I get awkward when I have to go to social things without him. I really don’t know what to talk about. Because. I’m. So. Awkward.

When I’m not consumed by being a mother and feeling mothers guilt I try to be here, writting.

It’s part diary, part venting, part keeping me sane.

This blog is a compilation of the bazillion thoughts that run through my head everyday about culture, motherhood, career, and all the things that make me tick. Happy reading!