What did you expect?

Some of you come to this blog to gain some inspiration, some of you come because you’re curious to know what I’ve been up to and some come to figure out if and how much I’ve suffered and continue to.

Today I’m here to offer a little bit to everyone.
I know this will get back to you some way or other so for all eyes here today, let me tell you. I am thriving. Everything I have is mine, because I earned it, not because anyone gave it to me, not because I made some shady dealings to take it, not because I asked someone to rescue me. Not because I found a partner to carry my weight for me. My car? Mine. My home? Mine. My degree? Mine. My son’s school? Mine. My son’s haircuts, clothing, toys, classes, college savings? All mine. The food I put on the table? Mine. The trips we’ve gone on? Mine. Birthday parties, holiday presents, thanksgiving dinners, pictures, books? You guessed it, all mine. Even my mistakes, I own those as mine. Let me make this very clear. I have never and will never have anything to be ashamed of. I will not hide my face as you did. I have said everything I have ever needed to say to you. You have proven to be everything I said you were. If it makes you feel some sort of way, maybe it should.
I am not well liked by everyone that knows me. I am not charismatic, I am not a people pleaser. I say what I think and you can take it or you can leave it,  but I am going to go on about my business.
Sometimes I get sad, because people or circumstances are disappointing. I sit in the sad for a while, and then I put on my big girl pants, find my ovaries and come up with a plan to execute. I still have a future ahead of me. My son still has his future ahead of him. You just have memories from the best time of your life. Thanks, you can keep those, I’ll take a future any day.

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