Adios Internets

Short story: Add me on SC to stay up to date with my shenanigans (really just me making weird longing faces into the distance) : karinita1

Long story, keep reading:

I’m going off Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the next 4 months. Why you ask? Because homegirl has a million things to do and I can’t afford the distractions. The only reason I’m keeping my snapchat is because it’s the primary means of communication with some folks. Try to tell people to text you and they laugh at the ancient technology. And also I really like watching my family’s snap stories, and I’ll need to see their faces when I’m not near them for the next few months.

So I can’t say just yet what is going to keep me occupied for the next 4 months, but know that it’s something really good for me and my family. It’s something I’ve been praying about and the Creator answered those prayers ten fold. I will probably need some encouragement and prayers so if you think of me during the next few months feel free to send some positivity my way.

The only thing I can really say about what’s going on and how I feel can be summed up in none less than a Selena quote:

Source: MTV


Like shriek in the Starbucks line excited. (Yes I did that).

And it’s funny because I’ve already been posting less and less on all platforms and now that some really good news comes I want to share more but…I need to focus.

SO. I won’t be deactivating my accounts but after midnight tonight I will be deleting the apps off my phone so I won’t see if you tag me in anything, or message me. So please add me on Snap chat or just keep in touch via text 🙂

In the meanwhile if you are in need some inspiration/motivation I suggest my go to’s, not in any particular order:

The Broadsheet Email Subscription- “Daily news on the world’s most powerful women”:

How I Built This Podcast- “A podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built”

Meditation/Prayer/ Reading your holy scriptures

Celia Cruz- Literally all of her songs

A slew of other amazing women artists: Natalia LaFourcade, La India, Belanova, Lola Beltran, Lucha Moreno preferably while you’re singing in your car

Ice Cream

Walks on a sunny day

A workout you enjoy


I wish upon you many blessings and hope that when we reunite in a few months we’ll both be better people ❤
















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