I choose myself

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I choose love

I choose to accept the love the creator has for me, to fill the empty spaces in my heart

I choose life

I choose to feed my soul and my body the sustenance it needs to be a force to be reckoned with

I choose compassion

I choose to use words to build and share, not to tear down and drive apart

I choose curiosity

I choose to look at life as a question and blank page, instead of a law written in stone

I choose to heal

I choose to let time with earth heal my wounds and learn to trust myself again

I choose to dream

I choose to allow myself the luxury of thinking what could be and not be chained by what is

I choose action

I choose to run, if I cannot run, I choose to walk, if I cannot walk, I choose to crawl but I will not remain still, letting the tide have it’s way with me

I choose to celebrate

I choose to dance and sing and wear bright colors, for there is time for solemness but those years for me are over

I choose encouragement

I choose to be the words of love saying “You can try again” not only to myself but to others who see no redemption

but most importantly

I choose to be here on this earth

I choose to make a difference in someone else’s life

I choose myself to live and feel alive



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