I Left A Part Of My Heart In San Francisco


I left a part of my heart in San Francisco

I forgot to go back for it

I left another piece in Pinzanes

That place that you can’t find, only if you travel by foot

I left yet another piece in Cuba

Where happiness followed wherever I went

Inexplicably I left a piece in Texas

That’s a story for another time

In Mexico I left pieces in the villages

Lands that fight

My motherland

Lands that I love

Then I traveled to other worlds

There, the African and European seas know me well

And ask that I return again

Like many, I left pieces of my heart in

My hometown

Where I went to school

And where I became a woman

Lately, I’m on another trip that I yet don’t know the destination

A trip with laughs



But with much affection

My heart dreams of returning to those distant lands

It beats to the rhythm of the music of those places

It wants to see the sun fall and rise

So you can see, my heart doesn’t belong to just one place

It’s a heart that wants to sing, wants to dance

And like the birds wants to constantly be in flight

My heart asks for a lot, and much I already gave away

And that’s why my heart can’t belong to just you

Because it’s impossible to give you something that is no longer mine

Impossible to give you all of my love and my time

For the original Spanish version click here

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