It can’t be May already, can it?

Whoa. It’s already May. It feels like just a week ago I was strapped up in my boots and trekking it through the snow. In all fairness, in Michigan, that’s very much possible. But no, just a week ago I had arrived from my trip to Mexico.

A trip to Mexico, you say! We want pictures! Why didn’t you tell us? We want to hear stories! How did the tot do on the trip? How was the weather? What all did you see?

I will share more about what I learned while I was there and why that trip was so necessary but right now I just need a moment. Why have I been avoiding writing? Well because there’s a lot on my mind. And there’s a lot I don’t necessarily want to share, and I can’t find something meaningful to share because my thoughts are kind of all consuming.

I want to tell you how I fell in love with the land, how heartbreaking it was to leave, how it hurt to see some of the land completely changed and how I was awed to see some things still standing. I want to tell you how scared I was to see some family I hadn’t seen in 10 years and how they would react to my son and my single motherhood.  I want to tell you how I cried in front of an altar because it was so breathtakingly beautiful and I felt the Lord’s protection all around me. I want to tell you how I was humbled by how life is much more simpler there and people a lot less greedy. I want to tell you how I got the travel bug again and how I got a renewed sense of responsibility to keep rekindling friendships and family ties. I want to tell you a lot, but I still need a moment. So soon, I promise, very soon.


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