1 skirt 5 looks

I get bored of wearing the same thing faster than I get bored of eating the same breakfast everyday. But with limited closet space and budget I have to make a few items go a long way. I learned the meaning of a capsule wardrobe a few years ago when I was looking to get ideas of how to wear the items in my closet in a new way so it didn’t look like I was repeating the same outfits every 7 days.

What I learned is that if you buy a few staple pieces you can interchange them with other common items in your closet and make your outfit look different every time.

One of my favorite staple pieces is a well fitting skirt. Midi, pencil, Maxi, A-line, pleated. I love them all. They’re very versatile from season to season because you can always add leggings or tights underneath (and personally I think they’re better than pants in the winter, short people and slushy snow do not mix well).

But wearing a skirt and a cardigan can get boring fast. So here are 5 ways I’ve styled my newest addition to my closet (which I may add I found at a 2nd hand store).

  1. Peek-A-Boo Pink

Layer a long colored tank underneath a sweater for a splash of color. (Don’t tuck it into the skirt). Can I add, that besides the shoes and glasses all of these were 2nd hand purchases.

2. Edgy Librarian

Turtle necks are cool again! And they are warm and practical for crazy winters. Wear your hair up in a pony tail or bun to keep this look polished.

3. No Jean Day? No Problem

A friend and I have a running joke that we are defying the jean day policy at our respective work places when we wear jean shirts on any day other than Friday or in her case any day at all.

4. Put Together Casual

I wore this out for a weekend but you can easily adjust it for the workplace by adding a blazer, sweater or cardigan over the t-shirt if you want something more office friendly. (shoutout to La Verdad for the t-shirt, it’s one of my favorites).

5. Fun Day

This isn’t something you’d wear to the office (unless you have a really laid back dress code) but every once in a while I like to bust out my sneakers and find funky ways to style them. Since the shoes grab so much attention I try to keep the rest of the wardrobe muted.


I didn’t mention it earlier but a capsule wardrobe in case you were wondering is how you can stretch a few items (trousers, skirt, dress) and style outfits to look different every day of the month versus repeating the same outfits over and over. This is one skirt and I could mix it up how I wear it every week and you’d think it was a whole new outfit. Let me know your thoughts on which was your favorite! I’ll be sharing more of my capsule outfit ideas and sharing how I’ve styled some of my thrifty finds.










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