Happiness Is Not Revolutionary

The arc of history has bent towards telling women how to be

How to act

How to dress

What to believe


Work, but not too much

Have children, but not too many


Be beautiful, but not sexy

Smile more, talk less


We are told to endure it all, to always appear content

We are told happiness is a trait of strength.


But how do you remain happy,

When we see our lands destroyed?

When we see our children murdered?

When our bodies are under attack?

When our dreams are torched to the ground?


How do you remain happy about bellies that cannot be filled,

brains that can’t be inspired,

wounds that cannot be healed?


To be happy in these circumstances IS A STRENGTH.

A well of strength for those that oppress us.


But women do not calmly endure it all.

We Speak.

We Organize.

We Strike.

We Protest.

We Educate.

We Act.

We Pray.

We heal.


In Spanish, earth is feminine. La Tierra.

Tierra at its core is fire.

Fire that keeps the earth going.

Women are no different. At the core there is a fire for something that keeps us going.

To put out that fire is to put out a life.

Happiness doesn’t ignite people to act. Happiness doesn’t ignite people to question and challenge.


To be happy is not revolutionary,

But to have hope is.


















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