Karina’s Get Out Of a Funk Recipe

It was revolutionary for me to find out that people work to be happy, that it didn’t come naturally to everyone. Learning that fact made me feel a lot better about when I got down about life thinking “why can’t I just be happy like everyone else?” The thing is that when I get down, I have a really hard time thinking clearly. Everything that comes into my head is “you’re stuck” “why are you here?” “you’ve reached your peak” “You’re not smart enough to change your life”.  When I get down on myself I really go the whole way. It’s hard then when I’m in that mentality to find solutions to my problems because all I can worry about is how bad things are in the moment. Or conversely I become so worried about trying something new because it will fail and get scared from trying something new. If you’ve ever felt that way believe me when I say, I have been there. I say to myself that if my problem didn’t exist, I would feel better. But when I’m down I can’t come up with solutions to fix my problem because I’m stuck in a rut, and start to feel worse. It took me a long time to realize that the opposite is true. When I started working on what I was feeling inside I started to  shift how I viewed myself and saw that changing my situation was within my power. At the very least it made for more enjoyable days out of situations that had no solution. And so when I get stuck in a rut again I do something to get myself out of there quickly. So a recipe, if you may of how I get out of a funk that I hope you find helpful if you’re feeling down and out too.

  1. Go for a walk in nature or at a park
  2. Run, Swim, Play ball
  3. Volunteer
  4. Donate to a cause you believe in
  5. Do something nice for someone else (offer to babysit, buy a gift for someone else just because, offer to take an errand off someone’s things to do)
  6. Read, watch, listen to something that inspires your best YOU (my go to’s are the Hamilton soundtrack, Year of Yes Shonda Rhimes, Soy Yo Bomba Estereo or WTF by Missy Elliot)
  7. Play like a kid. Color, build lego’s, play tag. It’s good to be silly.
  8. Talk to people you know you can trust with your feelings (one of the worst things to do when you’re in a funk is to open up to someone who can’t be empathetic)
  9. Spend time with people in a different life stage as you and really be in the moment with them
  10. Wear a bright piece of clothing
  11. Get done up
  12. Sing out loud
  13. Clean and organize-de-cluttering brings me joy and distraction
  14. Invest in scents you enjoy (car fresheners, laundry detergent, infusion sticks, candles, perfume)
  15. Look at the stars and the moon
  16. Go to the beach
  17. Take a bath
  18. Give yourself me time- turn off your phone, turn off the news, and relax. I like to do this with a beer and a book
  19. Put good stuff in your body (ei instead of getting a frap make a smoothie at home)
  20. Meditate (I like “I am capable, I am strong” as my mantra)
  21. Begin your day in thanks (Make a list of the things you appreciate you have, pray, tell people you appreciate them, etc)

This is just my list, but the point is that whatever you do that it brings you moments of joy and calm. When you’re wound up so tight you think “I don’t have time to do anything else”, but it’s exactly what your body needs.

I remember when I was at one of my lowest points I was so desperate, lonely, and on the brink of financial failure that I couldn’t put my everything into my job. Everything I did turned out bad. But when I started to work on myself things started to change. It took months of therapy and learning what worked and what didn’t to create my “if I ever get there again, here’s what to do” plan. I mention therapy as being vital because there is a point when the funk isn’t just a funk, it’s depression. And no amount of positive thinking changes depression over night. It takes work to realign your paradigms. My list above is for people who might be feeling momentarily down, who are on a ride of anxiousness or disillusionment to help you get out of that mindset. BUT if you notice that after trying everything and those feelings persist for weeks and months, therapy may be a good option for you. And if you’ve ever had thoughts to cause harm to yourself please call for help. I included some resources below:

Domestic Abuse (Emotional, Physical, Sexual)

Ottawa County -(800) 848-5991

National- 1-800-799-7233

Support for LGBTQ


Suicide Prevention

Ottawa County 866-512-4357

National-  1-800-273-8255





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