What I really was up to this weekend



No I wasn’t making snap chat ghosts. No I’m not making paper bras for a weird scrap book project. I was making my son’s valentines cards this weekend. Valentines day hit me like a ton of bricks like it does almost every year. I forget about the holiday and I always forget that the kids always do something special. Last year all the other parents at my sons daycare brought goodies and valentines cards and it hadn’t even crossed my mind to prepare something because he was barely a year old. So of course I felt guilty and this year was almost going to be a repeat had it not been for a things to do for parents and kids in the area email that I subscribe to. I panicked it was Wednesday and I didn’t have anything for the kids. If I was going to do Valentines day I was going to make it fun for my son not just buy some generic cards at Meijer. So I did some pinterest research and found a cute super hero lollipop valentine card that I already had all the materials for. It took me a few days because I had to make 22 of these babies and my son was sick almost all weekend so I had to make them in between “breaks”. They look home made but I know it’ll be silly and therefor funny for the kids to see lollipops dressed up as super hero’s and it’ll be true to my son’s interests because I don’t think there’s been a day since Christmas that he hasn’t worn a super hero shirt.

So if you forgot to make something for the kiddos, or this is your first valentines day with your new baby learn from my mistake and come prepared tomorrow. (And if you go the store bought route the kids won’t mind).

But low key I did have a lot of fun making these. Happy Valentines Day Mamma’s and Papa’s!












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