Men I Admire

This is as weird for you as it is for me. But I feel I have to say it because:

  • Some* people correlate feminism with man hating which I just laugh
  • I’ve been told I look intimidating a few times this last year which again makes me laugh (I’m 5’0 and have the voice of a squeaky mouse when I’m TRYING to get someone’s attention)
  • And some how single moms are memeable because they all “don’t need men and are independent af” to which I say this is true for all woman and if you’re the type of man that needs a helpless women, lord help you. But really single moms aren’t any different from “regular women”

So to put down any fears that I am secretly a man hating woman spewing fire through my words on equal pay, human trafficking, abusive labor conditions, sexual assault and reproductive rights I have curated a list of men that I admire so that you dear reader can see there are indeed qualities I admire in men. (I’ll still spew fire just sans man hating)

# 1 on the list….

Barack Obama

This is a given guys. He’s a great father, a great world leader, a great orator, a great husband, raised by a single mom, a feminist, he can pronounce Latino correctly. His qualities are innumerable. Agree or disagree on his policies and politics but he is a great example of a man, you can’t deny that.

#2 Jorge Ramos

What I admire most about Jorge Ramos is his courage. As a journalist he isn’t afraid to put people in uncomfortable situations by asking questions that really reveal the other person’s character and flaws *ahem Donald Trump*. And what really got to me was after the election Ramos wasn’t bowing down kissing Trumps feet. No. After the election he said “appeasing him for fear of tantrums isn’t an option.” He is relentless and for that reason alone he’s on this list.

#3 Juan Gabriel

I know he’s not living anymore. But damn it he deserves to be on this list. Yes I loved his music. But I loved his story. Being raised in an orphanage, feeling the rejection from his mother, never being spiteful towards her even though he had every right to be. He supported orphanages. Did you know Amor Eterno was written about his mom after she died? That just shows you how much heart and how relentless his spirit was. I always thought if I had gone through what he did would I have that much love for life and the world and my answer was always no. And his music influeced all of my favorite artists including Marc Anthony, La India and Rocio Durcal. Oh JuanGa, we lost a great soul.

#4 Lin-Manuel Miranda*

Everything about him makes my heart sing. His family immigrant story, his concern for women’s issues, his genius, his respect for hip hop, mostly his brain. How it works. Just how he came up with Hamilton is fascinating. SO MUCH TALENT. ’nuff said.

#5 Trevor Noah*

He’s funny and witty, and cares about social issues.  I started watching him on Netflix before he was on the daily show and watching him on the daily show I have to say my admiration grew.

These two have an asterisk because I’m weary of entertainers as people to admire so you know I say that I admire them with the caveat that if they show a different side of themselves I’d drop them like a hot potato.

5. I could think of 5 public living (minus Juan-Ga) male figures I admire. Don’t laugh. I put a lot of thought into this! There are more men that I admire that should be on my list too for qualities I want to instill into my son. They’re not public figures so I didn’t want to put them on the spot. But it’s not hard to be admirable to me. If you care about people, if you act with respect, you have a passion for something, and you do work that makes this world a better place and do it with honor and integrity no matter how small it is I have great respect and admiration for you. They’re out there ladies, I swear. They’re not unicorns.



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