All Hail The Queen of Thrift

I mentioned last week how I found some great deals at different thrift stores and this week (after washing and finding something to coordinate the pieces with) I was able to wear them. And if I do say so myself I look pretty shnazzy. I’m a firm believer style doesn’t mean expensive. You can buy trends and fashion but you can’t pay for style. Then again what I think is style someone else will think looks cheap. To each his own I guess.

Below are the wool skirts I bought and the trench coat. And since we’re talking about items purchased from thrift stores I included an outfit I bought a while ago that’s also from a thrift store (the stripped dress and the necklace).

Apparently I’m not only the queen of thrift but the queen of borrowing from neglected closets. The black heeled boots are actually my mother’s boots who gave them to my sister who left them in my room on thanksgiving because they hurt her too much. And the jean jacket is my sister’s too. Having a mom and sister who are close in shoe and clothing size is my secret weapon to diversifying outfits. 




I LOVED how all the pieces fit perfectly into my closet. So if you want to try your luck at the “segundas” but don’t know where to start, I have some tips for you:

– Make a plan to hit a few stores, not all thrift stores offer the same quality and bargain prices and even if they do you definitely won’t find the same items twice!

– Go with an open mind. It’s nice to have a list of what you want to find (leather jacket, jean skirt etc) but if you stick to only those items you might pass over something great

– Take your time. You’re more likely to search through the racks and determine if something has a place in your closet if you’re not on a time crunch. Thrifting is not for the impatient.

-Try it on before you buy. Since thrift stores don’t generally have return policies and the items they carry come from a wide range of brands a size 4 in one pair of jeans might not be the size 4 that fits you. And since clothes are tightly packed it might be hard to see if there’s holes or damage on the item. Trying it on is the best way to see if the item is worth buying.

-And then of course: wash everything before you wear it. Thrift stores have a “unique” smell and they linger onto the clothes. 

Good luck and happy thrifting! 
















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