Beauty Doesn’t Matter

Not really anyways.

Beauty is an ideal we create about things and people so that we can aspire to this ever fleeting idea. Aspire to obtain, aspire to possess and hold. The thing about beautiful things is that they didn’t work to be beautiful. They just are. Complimenting something on it’s beauty is like saying “wow you breathe awesomely”.

Beauty never gets you anything substantial either. Sure beautiful people get on TV and movies, and they get more attention in general. But it’s a lot of superficial attention.

And the thing about beauty that they always forget to say is that it’s finite. It has an end. Beauty never lasts forever. In nature, flowers die, landscapes change, pollution takes over. Beauty is fleeting so it’s idle trying to chase it.

And for everyone trying to capture it, in themselves or others whatever you got with just the object of beauty in mind, it will one day leave you as it goes on to the next beautiful thing. It’s the way things are and the way things will be.

So instead of chasing it,  look for clues into people’s heart’s and your own, and you may find you have a lot more interesting things to look out for.





















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