Thrift Stores and I Are BFF’s


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Thrift stores are the best. If you’re willing to have the will power and patience to dig through piles and racks of clothes you shall be rewarded with genuine gems. Take for example this weekend. I went to 5 different thrift stores. I was looking to grow my winter closet because my selections are limited and I’m not one to break the bank on a whole new wardrobe. I found nothing at the first store I went to, and personally if you ask me, the store was overpriced (it was a consignment store so not really thrift). But at stop #2 and #3 I found:

a 100% wool midi skirt for $2

and a pink vintage mixed wool pencil skirt and blazer for $6 total

I’m really about wool right now and skirts are the best way to dress for the office during the winter months (tights and boots and you’re all set).

At stop #4 I found practically new Levi’s skinny jeans for $2. (I’m ALWAYS about a good pair of Levi’s. The things make your butt look great, they’re like magic)

And at stop #5 I found an Ann Klein trench coat in good condition for $20 (worth about $200).

This isn’t my first time having success at the thrift stores. I once found a north face for $6, it was only missing the hood, I create most of my Halloween costumes from thrift store finds and I can sometimes find almost new baby and toddler clothes (Like the Gap baby snow suit I found for less than $10, at the store it’s worth over $100).

I get more excited about finding great pieces at  a thrift store than I do over buying something brand new.

So I wanted to share my excitement because I really enjoy getting dressed and showing off my personality through my clothes and it’s awesome when you can do that while still staying on a budget.

The thrift stores didn’t help me find everything I needed, I still need to buy winter boots and gloves but with the few items I purchased I have at least 20 different ways I can wear and switch up the things I currently own to work with what I have.  20 different outfits for $30? Yeah I like that math.

(Yes those are the $2 jeans in the picture, they fit like a glove. It’s like they were sitting in the store just waiting for me.)












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