My love for you was the purest love that can exist

Without knowing you my aim was to please you

Without proving yourself I showered you with praise

In my eyes you could do no wrong

You and I, we’re cut from the same cloth

And I was too young to be able to see the seams coming apart

I was naive to think that how we lived was bliss

The weak break the weaker and the cycle repeats

Emotionally empty that’s who we’ve become

You’ve let that emptiness consume you, while you toed the line with darkness

It’s too late to stop your poison from entering my veins

You created a norm that I can’t break away from

You’re destruction feels like home, because it’s all I know

A thousand oceans could be between you and I

And even that would not be enough to stop feeling your presence

You’re memories are everywhere

Every corner

Every encounter


There’s no honor in loyalty to bad blood

And for all you try to ruin me I have no loyalty to your cancer

You’re reach ends here

I stand on my own

I will not let your poison get me

It will not take my life

I will keep searching to find what will let the bad blood out

Because after all this time I realize you never were what I needed

You were the one that needed from me

 I can choose the ending 

Even if I couldn’t choose the begining



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