2016 Elections, what I’ve learned

I am going to say my peace and then afterwards going off the grid until at least 2017.

  1. To the third party voters who don’t want to take responsibility for a Trump presidency. The following states could have swung in the other direction and we would have had a totally different outcome had it not been for selecting a third party: Michigan, Pennsylvania and your contested Florida.
  2. Most of my county voted Republican. More than 70%. That means most of my neighbors, the people I see on Sunday, the people at my gym either hate women and my culture so much they want me silenced or they don’t care that the next President of the United States wants to do that to me.
  3.  The amount of fake people still is astonishing to me. There are still people denying their support for Trump, pretending they voted, pretending they’re involved in our political system. Stop it. Show your actions for what they are, a selfish, people pleasing spineless good for nothing slug. This must have been what Alexander Hamilton felt for Aaron Burr.
  4. The Latino vote isn’t a thing. Latino’s can be just as conservative and racist as the grand wizard. You thought Marco Rubio was the only of his kind?
  5. This isn’t just a response to BLM. It’s a response to a Black Presidency, 8 years of a Democratic president, the supreme court ruling for gay marriage, DACA and everything that has pushed this country forward. With every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Laws of Physics.
  6. Although there was a major loss, I can celebrate one major win. Nevada elected the first Latina senator. And she’s a Democrat, so double win. She has her work cut out for her. I pray for you.
  7. I want women, people of color, people of different religions to rush the next ballot. Whether that’s your local election, for your local school board, or the next run for senate or for president. Rush the ballot. I want so many people of color and of different backgrounds running for office. THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER.
  8. Now the real work begins, I promise you with a hand over my heart that I will not stand by and just watch the people I love be bullied, belittled and silenced. Trust me, there is a fire in my belly and I promise you I will be using that to push me forward.


God help us all.

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