Mother America

13 stripes.

One for each of the original colonies

50 stars

For each state that makes our United States beautiful

Red for Hardiness and Valour

White for Purity and Innocence

Blue for Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice


She knows about the bill of rights, the meaning of the constitution, the amendments, the history of the birth of our country, how many terms senators serve, how many representatives and senators there are, the succession of command, who the speaker of the house is, the geography of this country and that’s just the beginning

All of this tested in a language she started learning when she started studying for this test just months ago

She studies as if her life depends on it, because her life DOES depend on it

She risked her life, her safety, her whole way of living to be a part of this dream

Everything she has was because she worked for it, nothing was given to her

She has more in common with the founding fathers who risked the same than us who were just lucky enough to be born from the right countries that immigration is easier for, on the right side of the pond or the right side of the border

She goes to work early and stays late

She never uses a sick day

She works for her company 5 then 10 then 15 then 20 years. She has more commitment than most people do to their marriages


She votes at primaries AND general elections

She’s independent

She’s opinionated

She’s poised

She’s elegant

She’s charitable

She’s humble

She is this country

She’s the reason I have a voice

She’s the reason I can’t be persecuted or killed for my opinions

She’s the reason I know what life would be like for me anywhere else

She’s the reason I love this country despite it’s flaws and history


She’s the reason why this country is my home

She’s the reason why I won’t let him ruin my country

And she’s the reason why I’m with her


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