What’s up with the claws?

So lately I’ve been donning these cat like claws a.k.a stiletto nails. I’m kind of hooked, (remember obsessive personality) and wanted to explain where the trend started.

Different sources credit Kylie Jenner and Rihanna for starting the trend (around 2013) but Adele also had the stiletto nails back in 2013 and when I did some investigating you can find as early as the 1930’s the stiletto shape on actresses (I sighed a huge sigh of relief, heavens forgive me if I ever was influenced by anything of Kylie Jenner’s).


So in case you don’t know what stiletto nails look like they are very pointed nails made by either filing your natural nails into the shape or using fake nails (acrylic or press on). I first got hooked with the idea when I discovered Nailed by Cristy’s etsy page. Cristy makes all the nails you’ve seen on Cookie on the show Empire. If you look at her business Instagram page the nails are kind of intimidating, she likes to get REALLY creative. But when I visited the etsy page I found a lot of matte nails and these fabulous shiny bright pink stiletto nails. Like the pants I obsessed over, I thought about ordering a set of these nails for weeks. But the whole process from ordering to delivering took about 4-6 weeks and I couldn’t wait that long to see if I would like how they looked on me.



In my town people don’t get creative. We’re as vanilla as it gets. I would see the designs nail salons did on the east coast, in the sunshine state and in the palm beaches of California and always had a bit of jealousy of the accessibility of nail artists who weren’t afraid to break away from the norm. But I didn’t need all the bedazzle and shine (yet) I just wanted to try a different shape. The coffin shape is growing in popularity and most nail salons know how to make those with ease but I’m not really a fan of that shape.  The claws though really have caught my eye. So I did the next best thing and went into my local nail salon and showed them a picture of how I wanted my nails shaped and asked if they could replicate.


And replicate they did (after referencing the picture a couple of times). I was thoroughly satisfied and hooked. Although the current nails I’m wearing will probably come off within the next week and I’ll probably take a break from having my nails done for a while. I know that the next time I want to give my nails some love, I know where I’m going to go and I know how I’m going to get them done.

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