The fabulous pants fit

Alright, no more suspense. I will show you these amazing pants that I’ve been obsessing over. I should preface this by saying that I get overly excited about great pants because:

  1. Pants never fit, they’re always too long (short people problems)
  2.  I hate wearing pants, a week when I can wear skirts all week is a good week

So anyways in my head they are FABULOUS. But if you look at the pictures and feel like “eh” I won’t be hurt. I get excited over little things and I realize my definition of exciting is not everyone else’s. Also my favorite color is a trend this year so there’s more and more clothes being made in it without looking tacky or overly juvenile. So I’ve been over zealous in buying as many things as I can in that color.

So about the pants. They’re vintage made by Pandora Costume Maker which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. I also don’t know what to call them because the internet can’t seem to agree what kind of pants they are. They’re wool, they’re kind of capris and I guess Doris Day wore them a lot in her day. I also bought them at this awesome little shop downtown Holland, Francis Jaye. They had a lot of cute things when I went in but the pants stuck out to me the most.

I needed something to wear for a Sweet 16 that I went to on Saturday and scrounged all the stores and came up empty handed. I was originally looking for a midi skirt but the few ones I found were really poor quality and kind of ugly. I wanted to look nice but not distract from the festejada. Luckily I came across these pants at the last minute and although they didn’t quite fit I bought them anyways. And surprise surprise the button closed (without moving it) on Saturday. YEEE. Ok I’m done stalling. Here they are 🙂


(Horrible lighting, so I took these when I got home)



The seam, the length, the material, the color. This is why I fell in love with the pants.

The material looks 100 times better in natural light and during the day so I took a picture of just the material so you can see it better.img_4214

So there you have it 🙂 Hate or Love ’em let me know but I’ll be rocking these babies a lot more once I get back on my exercise and eating plan again (Saturday was too tempting to not engorge in EVERYTHING).

What else can you expect from the blog? I’ll be posting a video Wednesday about how I “contour”. I was asked before to show someone how so I figured I’ll give a try to the whole makeup tutorial thing even though I’m a newbie to makeup and use mostly drug store makeup. I also will be telling a few of my scary stories in time for halloween and asking to hear your own, and a few other treats. Stay tuned.

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