Say Yes To The Pants


I bought them. All $28 worth of wool, vintage, and color. They are beautiful, every bit a reflection of my style. There’s just one problem. They’re a quarter of an inch too small. But you know why I bought them anyways? Because you can’t find anything this fabulous ANYWHERE. I looked, I scrounged the internet. It was buy them or dream all of my days about the pants I wish I could have had. I went into the store on Friday, couldn’t stop thinking about them all day (obsessive personality much?), slept on it, dreamt about them and walked in the store the next morning. Even the cashier knew how fabulous they are, “I’m so glad someone gets to wear these” she said to me as I cashed out. So here I am, sitting on my bed while the pants hang in my closet waiting to be worn in two weeks.

I know this is going to sound bad and slightly crazy, but I know I can get the pants to fit within the next 2 weeks. I mean it’s just a quarter of an inch, and I’ve kind of been bloated lately (sorry for the TMI). So I’m just cutting out artificial sugar, (and apparently bananas because #bloating), and minimizing the amount of meat I eat, and making sure I eat less calories than the amount I burn (My body NEEDS 1430 calories to function, I only burn about 1600 on days I don’t workout, so as long as I stay between 1430 and 1599 I’ll be good). I’m also going to have to increase other sources of protein and vegetables if I’m cutting out meat. And if all else fails I’m just going to move the damn button so that the pants will close on the Saturday I plan to wear them.

I’m telling you this because when I show you how fabulous these pants look you will understand. But not today. I can’t give away my outfit until the day of. But I need to hold myself accountable. I really wanted cookies and donuts today. I have to say bye to bubble tea for a while. And I really do eat more meat than my body needs. The pants were kind of the kick in the butt I needed to get serious about my eating plan. Really these pants are AH-MAY-ZING. I can still be a feminist and get excited over beautiful clothes, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. So cheers to vanity.

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