7 days of outfits

*warning fluff piece ahead*

I have been up in my feelings lately. And not in a good way. So I took a break from writing and brainstormed some ideas to push the negativity out. This piece is all fun, but as the warning states, it’s all fluff.

I documented (selfied) my self for a week to show you how much fun I have getting dressed in the morning. My recipe is simple.

  1. Avoid wearing pants at all costs
  2. Statement necklace or long earrings, never both
  3. I must flaunt my rapunzel legnth hair (it took long enough to grow it out might as well)

I’m a believer in creating a personal uniform. If you have a “uniform” you stick to, it’s easier to get dressed every morning. And I still have a lot of fun getting dressed every morning.

Also I’m going to apologize now for all the skinny arm poses, and I only ever show 2 different shoes. A pair of heels when I want to feel fancy and flats for everything else. And I also had no access to full length mirrors on 2 days so Day 1 and Day 7 outfit is there to supplement the missing outfits.

So take a look below for a small description and let me know what you think.

Day 1

image1 (3)

There were an infinite amount of children birthday parties to attend to. So looking cute was required but as you can tell my feet were not having none of the heel action. (Also I bought this dress to inspire me to workout so I could rock it all summer and I gotta say I’ve rocked it)

Day 2

image2 (1)

Monday at the office. Avoiding pants is still in effect. When an outfit gets too plain to me I throw on a necklace. I keep 3-5 in rotation

Day 3

image3 (1)

One of my favorite dresses and it’s really versatile for all the seasons (during the cold months I throw on tights and boots and call it a day)

Day 4

image4 (1)

The morning started out slightly chillier. So I threw on the sweater. Also I don’t wash my hair everyday (I shower everyday don’t worry) to protect the shine and minimize damage so I do a lot of half up do type hair styles.

Day 5



Regularly I work inside a semi cubicle, but this day I was touring one of our sites. Although it was 90 degrees outside I took a sweater with me because I have a tattoo on the inside of my arm that I wanted to make sure no one at the site saw in case I was breaking their dress code policy. At the office no one sees me and a lot of other people flaunt tattoos but I wanted to play it safe while on the tour (turns out I really had nothing to be worried about)

Day 6


I had to work still but I was going to be sitting in a car for hours after work so I wanted to dress in something I wouldn’t melt in and wouldn’t numb my legs either. I generally hate wearing pants but Levi’s makes some great jeans. Shame we only have casual days on Fridays and shame I only have a few pair or Levi’s. Also you can’t see it but I’m wearing a long tear drop necklace.

Day 7


So I actually skipped my festival outfit from the day before but the next day I had a bridal shower and it was totally not fair to keep this outfit from the public. I’m all about skirts. And this one only cost me $20, I was ecstatic.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • I keep my makeup during work days basic. It’s important I have a fresh face and lotion and clean eyebrows. But I don’t worry if I forget the blush, mascara and lip gloss
  • Invest in a good bra, and a comfortable bra and life will be much smoother
  • Thrift stores, consignment, and sales are your friend
  • A dress code doesn’t have to mean you have to lose your individuality, find ways to build it into your “brand”

I might do another one of these, toddler edition…stay tuned.


Featured image from:

Photo via Visualhunt.com


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