Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes review

Yes you should read it.

End of review.

No, let me put my thinking cap on.

Shonda Rhimes is very entertaining. She doesn’t rule Thursday night without reason. It shows instantly when you start reading the first chapter.

So if you’re looking for some entertaining light hearted reading this is it.

But it’s also a peak at the inside of the brain of a genius.

She talks about being a shy nerd (introverts rejoice, we found our person!), about eating her feelings (or avoiding them), about wanting a career and not necessarily get married, about raising her children, about cutting the fat (literally and figuratively).

I really enjoy books like these, although they do give me a bit of anxiety when I think to my own childhood and not having had a true passion or dedication as she so clearly did (but when I make it I can write my autobiography however I want right?) but these type of books really do offer some insight into the headspace people that accomplish great tasks are in.

Shonda Rhimes is as human as any of us and although many of us may not be presented with the opportunities she is (Mindy Khaling doesn’t regularly call you to act on her show?) I think you’d still benefit from reading about how saying yes to more in your life might bring about a glow in you too.

I particularly like her comments about not sugar coating working motherhood, about saying yes to play, about not just dreaming but DOING, about not being able to have it all, and on and on and on. I love Shonda and I say Yes to this book.

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