10 things to say to a single mom (if you want to see her breath out fire)

The surefire way to get put in your place real quick, to make her suspicious of you, or to want to cut ties forever. Some of the list items are things you do rather than say, but I think you’ll get the picture.

  1. “Who does he/she look more like?”

  2. “What happened to the dad?” (Why does anyone ever think this is okay to ask 1. over the internet/phone and 2. when you’re just starting a conversation. It’s not like were discussing what I’m cooking for dinner. It’s a sensitive AF topic. If you’re a friend you were already privy to this information, and if you don’t already know consider yourself not a close friend and none of ya).

  3. “Don’t you want to find a job you can work from home?”

  4. Some version of you drunk messaging said single mom

  5. Any kind of messages past 10pm

  6. Trying to hit on her while she’s with her kid

  7. Acting like you’ve never had a pregnancy scare when we both know that’s a damn lie(men/women alike)

  8. Keeping her away from meeting anyone whose actually important to you (actually this is a hint to women everywhere that you clearly don’t respect her, even just as friends)

  9. Being rude or trying to make her feel guilty about not giving you enough of her time (I’m sorry she has a full time career and then still has to go to work to get paid)

  10. “Don’t you want to have another one?” UMMMMMMMMMM????? No. Just no.

Maybe this is just my short list to blowing fire like Khaleesi’s dragons. So if you ever wondered how to push my buttons here’s your guided tour.


Photo via Visualhunt

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