I’m a little less of a weirdo


I did it.

I didn’t act like a total weirdo when I ran into this person and acted like a civilized human. Don’t judge me. I hold onto grudges and then I burn bridges and then I run away as far as I can to avoid contact. Except for many reasons that couldn’t be done anymore. I had mentioned months ago how I really needed to work on rectifying situations. Except that every time I had a chance to make it right and not seem like a weirdo or a jerk I made every encounter awkward.

But today that changed.

And it really wasn’t as hard as I made it out to be in my head. I came in, said hi to everyone, shook this person’s hand and went on about my business.

The fact that acting normal with someone who I previously ignored is a big deal to me should show you how much of a introvert and weirdo I am.

And I can’t say there was a big revelation, or a transformation that’s occurred lately. I just decided at that moment when I walked in, that today would be the day that that foolishness was going to stop.

It’s the baby step I need to take towards the huge steps I still have to take. Trust me I have many mountains to climb and many inner battles to fight yet.

But today, I enjoy this moment.


Photo credit: las – initially via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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