Don’t tell me to wait around for Mr. Right give me this list instead

Ok. Enough with the sap. 2 days is 1 day too much. Sap is needed, you know. You have to let yourself feel emotions. But I’ve let it go on too long. It’s time for something different.

Well actually it might be kind of sappy but in a different way. I’ve been wanting to share this for a while.

It’s a list. A list of all the single moms that did a pretty fantastic job. Fantastic with their careers, fantastic for not letting a label define what they did with their lives. I like to look at this list when I’m feeling down about my outlook on my life. It gives me that “hell yeah, women can do anything” feeling. The reason I want to share it is for a few reasons:

1. “advice” for single moms somehow always veers into finding someone. So what are you suppose to do until you have found “The one”? Sit and wallow? Pass

2. The label single mom is complex. However you feel about it there’s enough judgement in the world for us. You, yes single mom reading this, you are not judged here

3. I want to save you the work of researching  because it took me months to find any real advise other than you will find someone someday and even more months to compile my own list of kick ass single moms.


So this list:
Dolly Elizono- Single mom of 2 who then worked to earn her bachelors and masters degrees and then to own a real estate business. Got national attention when she was running to be the first Latina congresswoman to be elected from Texas.

Laura Wasser- Hollywood divorce lawyer, single mom of 2

Maya Angelou- Does she really need an explanation? Author of “I know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, came from a wrecked and I mean wrecked family and she still managed to be one of the most influential writers in the modern world that people like Oprah, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Michele Obama considered her a friend.

Sophia Vargara- married at 19, had her son, divorced her husband before her son turned 2. After her brother was murdered she moved her family to the United States and continued to act and model

Padma Lakshmi- I know her from top chef but I didn’t know she’s also a model, author, and business owner.

Christine Coppa- Blogger and author. Mostly loved for her ability to speak truthfully and graciously about her experience of becoming a single mom.

Nicole Curtis- House flipper, real estate agent, stars on Rehab Addict as she fixes up beautiful but neglected homes. Single mom of 1

J.K. Rowling- I proclaim her the author of the best series of books ever. But that’s just my opinion. Let me just add that after she divorced her daughter’s father and moved CONTINENTS away from him to her homeland to be near her family, she was on public aid barely making ends meet and started writing the Harry Potter series. She eventually remarried but that was 8 years, 8 YEARS of single motherhood. Go Joanne and long live Dumbledore.

Madonna- Has won countless MTV awards, Billboard Music Awards, a Grammy along with many, many others and she looks flawless even at 58

Noami Judd- Became a mother at 18, worked as a nurse and many other odd jobs and started a country music duo with her daughter  Wynona in the 1970’s that would go on to win 5 grammys and bring down the house year after year at the country music awards with the amount of awards the duo would get

Erykah Badu- Queen of Neo Soul.If anyone is an example of pursuing your dreams after sets backs Ms. Badu is definitely a top contender. She has won multiple grammy awards, gives back to her community and has  3 children. All home schooled. Or so I’ve heard.

Taraji P Henson- Literally the most drop dead gorgeous person like ever (fact). She didn’t get into the high school she wanted to get into for performing arts but stayed focused on her dream to become an actress as she took up theater as her major when she attended Howard University. Before this she failed pre-calc at a different school when she was studying to become an electrical engineer. Set backs and comebacks. Do you sense a theme yet? She was pregnant while in school but finished out her studies, graduated and moved to L.A to act. She’s done countless movies and right now is the co-star on Empire.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren- Married at 19. Dropped out of college, worked at a school with students with special needs. Lost said job because she became pregnant, went back to school for law, graduated, was 9 months pregnant, couldn’t find work then became a law professor and the rest is history. She’s on this list not only because she’s BA but her marriage didn’t work out and her dreams were derailed a few times. So she wasn’t a single mom for long (less than 2 years) but I keep her on here.

Letisia Contreras Ruffin- She’s not famous, you might not know her. But she’s my soror and I admire her strength and determination to work her way out of poverty and public aid to do good for her community. If I can mirror just an ounce of her strength I would be content.

Oh and Sue. I’m not sure if Sue was a single mom or not but she looks pretty fierce, even if she’s just all bones. She’s probably one of the greatest paleontology finds in North America and the most complete fossil of a T-Rex.

This is my list. There are many more single moms that have made it work but these are the ones I look to. I can only speak to my personal experience but I remember when I found out I was pregnant I let a lot of people tear me down. I believed everything they said. And sometimes when I’m having a bad day I still let their voices creep into my head. But then I remember to show some care for myself and I think”ENOUGH, I will not take your crap anymore” and then I look at this list and find some motivation. So there’s the sap, I hope if you’re having a bad day this post helps bring some “hell yeah I’m about to do the damn thing” motivation to your day. Happy Tuesday.


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