The earth I scorch

Slash and burn. Fire. Blackness. A land is set aflame for a new crop to grow.

That’s the way I’ve moved through life. It’s the way I learned to create a distance from the destruction around me.

Slash and burn is only good for a small piece of land. Only good when there’s one piece that needs a new start. It can quickly get out of control when you’re trying to cultivate your land.

But it’s the only mechanism I learned.  

Fire. Blackness. Hurtful words

Fire. Blackness. Friendships lost

Fire. Blackness. Absolutely nothing left from before.

Fire. Blackness. Fire. Blackness. Fire. Fire. Fire. Fire. Pitch black.

I’ve learned I go through life burning the land I walk on. But I’ve never learned how to classify whats safe enough to protect from my flame and what needs to be burned and left with no remain. Fire or nothing. Anger or nothing at all.

I grew up in these flames. But now the flames are telling me I will soon run out of things to burn.

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