5 years ago I got my first and only tattoo.
The active tense of forgive. Like a command. Forgive others, forgive yourself, forgive the universe. When I got the tattoo I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to forgive. Forgiveness is not something that comes easy to me and I wanted to forgive those who had caused the biggest strains on my heart. 

5 years and not until today did I realize that I’ve been trying to forgive someone for everything they couldn’t do. Today I got the apology I never realized I wanted and it has changed my world. But now I realize I have to ask for forgiveness of you. For not valuing everything you DID do for me that has helped me get here. I forgive you, 100 times yes, I forgive you. I would climb every mountain and yell it so that you could hear the universe rejoice. But now the only question left is, am I worthy enough for you to forgive me?

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