Time goes by so slowly and so does change

As I do more research about longevity I realize how important sleep is and in honor of that I will attempt to keep this short.

I’ve started making small changes in my life that are almost insignificant but have already started to improve my quality of life. For starters I kicked my cell phone out of my bedroom. I bought an alarm clock and have been using it for the majority of this week.

Two reasons for this. Studies show that exposure to screens in the 30 minutes before going to bed actually reduces your ability to fall asleep. Secondly my bedroom is my sacred space. I pray, I read books to my son, it’s the one space I have to nurture myself and the last thing I really want to be doing is spending that sacred time on my phone.

It’s the norm now to use your cellphone as your alarm clock. I struggled to find an alarm that wasn’t set up to be synced with your phone, that looked stylish and wasn’t bulky.

And let me tell you this small change is paying off. Not only am I actually getting up when my alarm sounds (because I purposely got an alarm that didn’t have a huge snooze button) so I don’t have to fidget with it again to figure out where to turn it off, but at night I’m doing things like reading my bible, thinking about all my fun memories playing with my son and I’m a lot more zen before falling asleep.

I’ve also severely cut back on caffeine, I’m trying to curb my bed time cereal bowl, and getting up early on weekends to go to the gym. All these small changes are in an effort to improve my overall quality of life by getting better sleep, eating better and exercising regularly. I would love to live to be 100, I don’t have control over genetics but I have a hand in everything else, and I have to make a conscious effort to live better not just make temporary sacrifices for temporary results.

And talking about slow changes……

I have a new website address and tagline!


Check it out. I feel proud of owning my domain name. Anyways I’d love to hear what small changes you’re making in your everyday life, what’s already started to pay off, and what changes you’re looking forward to. Maybe it’ll inspire more ideas for myself.


Photo via Visual hunt

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