The tree on the left

Everyday I drive by the place where your body lay
Bruised and hurt you were until you gained consciousness to walk home

When I woke up that morning I didn’t know what had happened
People bending backwards to take care of you 
all was said to me was to not be afraid as the swelling grew
I’m glad it was acceptable to pretend to feel nothing 
Because I was supposed to feel sad but instead I didn’t feel a thing 
Neighbors expressed sympathy, you drew out the attention you got

That morning I walked by where you were cornered and saw all the blood spat on the sidewalk
For once I felt safe because you were the vulnerable one, not I

Now everyday I drive by that tree I see the blood 
even though rain has washed it all away
I feel all the pain you caused even though time has erased many of the scars
I remember the shame you brought to carry this name and for a moment my head hangs low again

But moments after driving by the tree, and the grass and the house where you lay
I remember that the earth is collecting every debt you have yet to pay
So remember this because you think you’ve gotten away
The wicked never win, the wicked don’t get a say

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