Where is she?

Where is she?

I look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself anymore

I see tears, I see strain and I see years

I see fear


Where is she?

The young warrior, invincible, strong willed and free

A few bruises, a few cracks but never afraid to bounce back


Where is she?

Passionate, determined, yet young and fun

Full of life and laughter, ready to run

Who is she?

That woman once free and strong?

That woman couldn’t be me we no longer get along

Where is she?

Did she flee?

Is she alive?

Why didn’t she stay to fight?

Where is she?

I’ve looked for her in my reflection

I’ve called out to her to come back

But as far as I can tell she’s left this body that’s constantly under attack

If I ran into her I’d want to tell her I’m still here

I’ve forgotten to laugh that’s why I need you dear

But you need me too

To remember what it is to feel

So I promise to keep looking day and night

To reunite with the other half of myself so I can find my light


  1. Hey Kari,

    First off, lovely post, I connected to this post because I lived through these very questions you posed. I was in this position a few years back, I felt i had lost my luster, my drive, had no passion for anything. We all go through life moments that impact ourselves in a way that change us and the change is hard to be undone. Although this is only my theory I do believe social media, specifically Facebook, as a negative affect on us and on how fast we “bounce” back from that change. I remember measuring my happiness and success against the posts that i saw in my feed, and instead of taking that as motivation I was becoming bitter. Why don’t I have a house, why can’t I travel as much, should I have gotten a promotion already? I would drown my mind with all these questions. I left Facebook for 3 years and I think it has been the best health decision I’ve ever made. Yes it was hard at first, but it gets easier and life gets better. For one, you have way more time! Facebook is a waste of time, honestly, that book you meant to read or that 20 minute run you meant to have, now you have a little more time back for you. Second, you realize who wants to still be in your life, the people that matter will stay in touch, trust me. Ironically, you socialize more!! Third, you live life at your pace, you have nobody else’s life to compare but to yours. You focus on the goals you set to achieve. Lastly, the questions that you asked above in your post, I rediscovered my answers as I lived without the Facebook noise. Good luck with everything!


    • I’ve started to feel that way about all social media. Thats why this last month staying off really helped me zone in on things that I enjoy and build goals for myself around that. I’m glad you got through that time, gives me some hope that this time will also pass for myself


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