Under your spell

There are songs that sometimes are anthems for all the thoughts and feelings we experience. There’s one song in particular that has given me chills by how much I relate to it right now.

If you didn’t hear the original version on the show Nashville I encourage you to. It has Scarlet (the tv character) singing it with a lot more anger, but this version in its melancholy tugs and wanes at my heart in ways that the original song didn’t when I first heard it. Maybe it’s because the lyrics resonate so deeply with me as of late, but it’s helping me heal. So it’s on repeat until I can get some much needed R&R this weekend. Until then I’m wondering what songs resonate with you. Do you have a song that when you listen to it, it just sends chills up and down your spine? Or songs that are anthems for some of life’s big moments?

Oh and if your curious what part of this song gives me the chills go to about 1:12-2:08. I just watched again to make sure that was the right part and chills literally through my back, arms and face. It gets to me. So anyways any other chill inducing songs? I’d love to hear what moves you and add them to my own list.

Photo credit: CJS*64 “Man with a camera” via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

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