The girl with empty tears

Last night I tried crying over you but I couldn’t I was just too mad

You left in the way I said you would, taking everything you had


There used to be a time we fared better weather

When I believed in a Utopia where everything came together

We both existed without worry in the foolishness of youth

But then my Utopia fell apart as I uncovered layer behind layer of truth



This truth brought me clarity but it brought you fear

Fear that I would leave, fear that I would disappear

So you tried to pretend what I was seeing was just a fantasy I made up in my brain

You manipulated truths to make me feel worthless, you made me feel insane

So I left in a last dramatic exit to clear all the fog

but there was a whisper that maybe I had been wrong


But now here we are exactly where I said you would be

instead of feeling smug, instead of feeling glee

I have this gut wrenching feeling that it’s about to get much worse

the consequences of your actions leaving a dark black curse


So tonight when I allow myself to cry not one of those will be for you

Tonight if I cry it will be for the innocent lives that never knew

Destruction, anger, revengence and hate

those would be the things that would seal your fate

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