How to be Single an abridged review on the abridged audio book

If you remember I had a new years resolution to read a new book every 2 months. We’re coming close to the end of February and I’ve been successful in that goal. (Not so much with blogging everyday). I have to make my interests work around my schedule, and unfortunately I do not have a lot of time to sit and read a book so audio books are my saving grace (with a 40 minute commute, it’s the best way to get my brain juices flowing). So the first book I picked up is How To Be Single by Liz Tuccillo. Partially because I want to watch the movie and partially because I needed something light hearted and fun to read (other titles on my reading list are “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, “The Means and Manner of Obtaining Virtue”, “Outliers” and “Leadership 101” not the most light hearted reading).

How To Be Single is that, a fun comical story of a group of women in their late 30’s trying to find love and meaning. There were some more sober parts in the plot line but for the most part it was kept pretty light.

Which is kind of my pain with the book.

There is a part where Julia, the main character is traveling to India and meets a woman in her late 30’s as well who has given up on a love marriage and is allowing her family to set up an arranged marriage. It wasn’t the arranged marriage part that rubbed me the wrong way it was the way the author interpreted the ritual. Julia made a comment how women in India have the option that if a woman can’t find love she has the back up plan for her family to arrange a marriage for her. Julie sounds amused in the way way the Willy Wonka meme says “tell me how your life is so difficult”. I don’t know a lot about arranged marriages and have never been in that predicament, but from my interactions with people whom an arranged marriage is a reality for them in the distant future, it’s not such a pleasant experience or thought process.

There were other parts similarly where Julia meets women across the world and real issues are made less serious and almost unrealistic to the truth of women around the world.

And maybe it has something to do that the book is told in the point of view of a middle aged white female whose single, lives in New York and has the permission of her boss to travel the world. It seemed all kind of fru fru to me.

But in all fairness I was listening to the audio version which is shortened, and maybe I missed some key transitions. I think I’ll keep to my more serious titles and if I want to step away from the more serious work, I’ll pick up a book on magic or dragons to read something that in it’s very nature is meant to be fantasy.


Photo credit: austinmills via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

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