FB Cleanse

I just got done checking my privacy settings on Facebook since I’ll be off it for a while. I probably wouldn’t have though had I not done this little quiz which finds out which pictures are your most viewed pictures. I wasn’t surprised by the pictures, but by the number of times those pictures had supposedly been viewed. The pictures were from when my son had first been born and the ticker was in the thousands. It semi freaked me out.

So I did some extra cleansing of what posts show publicly, what someone who hasn’t added me sees, and even what some friends see. There was a picture that was buried in my profile, but if you were creeping as someone who hasn’t added me as a friend it was one of the few pictures that was public for some reason. And there’s nothing wrong with the picture, I just want nothing to do with that experience ever again. But I couldn’t get myself to delete it. I just kept it private that only I can see it.

Facebook has become this time capsule of everything, good, bad and indifferent. It’s why I roll my eyes at the teenagers who talk about getting high as I go to click unfollow. We are in an era where all of our actions and thoughts are constantly on display even if those sentiments no longer reflect us as people. I’m sure some of the things I posted or talked about when I was 17 (when I got a fb page) aren’t how I feel now.

I know some people believe that other people never change. Maybe if you never have had life experiences to challenge your way of thinking, but I’ve been blessed to have a lot of experiences that have challenged my world views and thankfully I don’t think the same way I did a few years ago.

But in the meanwhile as I try to continually develop my personal brand, I’ll try to keep my swearing down, I don’t partake in illegal activities so that’s not hard to stay away from,  and do my best to portray myself in the best light possible, online and off.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever feel like I have arrived at adulthood but hopefully I never stop trying to grow wiser, stronger, and more at peace with myself.

And all this from day 1 of facebook cleanse


Photo credit: mkhmarketing via Visualhunt / CC BY


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