Kids in public

I currently write this as I wait in line at the Secretary of State to register to vote. In Michigan we have until Monday so yes blame me for waiting until the last minute. 

I look at the woman whose drinking from a bigby’s cup with envy, why didn’t I stop to get coffee before coming here? And ‘buela wants to take the kiddos to the children’s musuem afterwards so I pray I can get through that craziness with my sanity in tact (sans coffee). It’s wishful thinking but hey anything is possible. 

And I see a parent with a crying toddler. I feel sympathy for the dad. I really do. Yesterday when we ventured into the public my son decided it would be fun to mess with the people sitting around us. As quickly as I tried to mitigate the damage it was too late, I had already been given the stank eye that people without children give to parents saying “why can’t you control your child” or “did you have to come out with the kids tonight”. 

Friends without kids, I get it, you’re going about your day and I’m sure the cries of a child that is not yours can sound very annoying. And belive me I spend most of my time trying to accomodate my schedule to run errands and be out in public when the likelihood of a meltdown from my 1 year old is very low. 

But sometimes I’m tired of being a homebody. And as I have no one I would spend time with other than my family sometimes I decide to get crazy and *gasp* go out to eat with them on a  Friday  evening. Or sometimes there’s no one I can leave my son with and I have to do an emergency run to the store. And lately, I’ve also added the guilt of leaning on my family to watch my son because I couldn’t afford daycare full time yet and I’m embarrassed to ask yet again for another favor to watch him so I can maybe read for 30 minutes and get a cup of coffee. 

So instead of giving the stank eye the next time a child throws his cup across the floor in a restaurant I would bless you eternally if you did something as kind as handing me napkins on your table to clean up the juice that is now all over my shirt. Just a thought. 

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