What Lent means to me


Lent kicks off next week with Ash Wednesday. I’m a pretty public (imperfect) Catholic and every year I think about what Lent means to me as my role as a Christian. Lent is a time to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made on behalf of humankind and to more closely align our life with the way Jesus wants us to live out his preachings. The thing with Lent is that it’s a time to change our lifestyle not temporary but to make permanent changes in our hearts. It’s more than going on a diet, giving to charity and praying a lot for the weeks that Lent is in observance.

That’s why the time leading up to Lent is just as important, because I have to dig deep to find out what I struggle with and how I’m going to hold myself accountable to abstaining for something not just during Lent but incorporating that lifestyle change in the long run.

I think I know what it is I struggle with but now my challenge is finding out how and where to put limits. I will never be a perfect Christian but my hope is that every season of Lent I get closer to the way God wants me to live out my life.

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