A prayer for this life

God I don’t want to be out partying

I just want to feel my time on this earth is meaningful

I don’t want my success to be tied solely to the amount of money I make

I just want to be proud of the work I do and the person I am

I pray that I find out how to let go of resentment and anger

and instead learn to love and play

I pray I have the control to read more and watch less

and learn how to hold my tongue

I pray to shout less and explain better

I pray I learn how to use my talents to serve you and others

I pray I can become a better mother, sister, daughter and woman of God

I pray that this empty feeling I have to be replaced with the love I have for you

and most of all I pray my son to feel loved and encouraged and that he knows he’s right where he’s supposed to be



Photo via Visualhunt.com

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