Why it’s ok not to know your passion

POTUS gave his final SOTU tonight. When you watch Obama it’s hard not to feel motivated. None of my day to day activities impact the U.S. Economy (besides my shopping habits) but hearing him talk makes me feel like “man I need to go out there and make the U.S. better, let’s make it happen Obama”.

And on the topic of motivation, I found an interesting topic that thought I would share. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve probably caught onto the fact that I’m in severe need of motivation. It’s been kind of daunting figuring out what’s next. I’m the type of person that loves learning a lot and being able to flex certain muscles when the time is needed. But I can’t say that I’ve known my vocation or exactly what I’ve wanted to do with my life from early on. So at times I felt like I failed at becoming me. How do you fail becoming a person that no one else can be? It sounds ridiculous but that’s what I would think. So what I came across today touched on that, how it’s ok to not know your passion.

The video is a talk that Elizabeth Gilbert gave. She’s the author of Eat. Pray. Love (adding it to my reading list). I don’t want to give anything away because she really lights up a fire in you if you haven’t figured out your passion. You can watch it here.

What I will say that it’s reassuring hearing that it’s ok not to know. That it’s ok to be led by curiosity versus a deep passion that may or may not exist for you. Gilbert quotes a poet and it’s all you need to know if you don’t have time to watch the talk

“This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you”.

I don’t know why but God intends for me to go through this journey in this way at this time. I may not understand the reasons until my journey is done. But for the first time I’m going to stop pushing against the currents and just listen to where the universe has placed me and look for hints to where it wants me to head to next. Stay curious.

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