Nom Nom Nom or Not?

Happy Friday!

So many things I could talk about for today. Like why do I care so much that Joaquin Guzman was captured? Or about how the only reason I started watching the daily show is because Trevor Noah is totally drool worthy. Or how cabin fever is going to drive me up a wall but I just found out that roller rinks allow you to bring strollers in to push kids around so guess what I’ll be doing!

But I guess I’ll talk about a situation that’s making me miss Chicago. Limited locally owned restaurants. I miss red velvet donuts, deluxe fries, chicken and waffles, yummy burgers, bubble tea, mexican ice cream shops, all the things that make Chicago, Chicago. Oh and pretzels, how I miss yogurt covered  pretzels.The options in the area don’t make it hard to choose to cook versus eating out. Guess I’ll be keeping to my grocery budget.

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