Fool me twice, shame on me

Someone asked me today what do I like to do for fun….I really wanted to answer “having time alone in the bathroom”. Taking a warm bubbly bath sounds heavenly, know what I mean? However I contained myself and gave a socially acceptable response that non parents can compute.

Anyways, to today’s topic. I’ve been chewing on a little personal truth that was given to me a few weeks ago: I give too many chances to people undeserving of them.

I’m not sure why I do it. Is it because I quickly forget how many times I have tried to be understanding only to be disappointed, or is it that the Christian in me says I shouldn’t keep track of how many times someone fails me and I should forgive anyways.

It’s been rare that when I vocalize exactly why I’m [upset, hurt, mad] that I have gotten an apology. If I waited around for an apology I think I deserved I would rot in place. So instead of hanging onto that disappointment I usually put the feeling away on a bookshelf somewhere (traditionally in a diary) and try to move on.

And life goes on so long that eventually I start forgetting what I was mad about to begin with. Sometimes this is good, the reason I’m mad isn’t nearly worth losing a friendship over.

But sometimes I continue to give chances to people who have proven over time they will only continue to disappoint and use me.

Maya Angelou says ” When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.”

I have one thing in particular that if someone does this they are cut out of my life with no contact or remorse.

Perhaps it’s time to decide on a few more issues and say this is non-negotiable.

[And as a side note the pictures I use on my blog are probably never going to have anything to do with the post. My tactic is to entice you with pretty pictures and hope you’ll read. Let me know if it’s working 😀 ]



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