Mandatory reflective post NYE update here

6 days into the new year. 6 days of attacking my 2016 resolutions right?

*nervous laugh

I have not written a blog post everyday. I have though written the 2nd interview in my Project Voices series, if you haven’t checked it out yet read it here. I’m updating my resolution to write only every day of the week. Weekends are for family.

I have already missed 2 birthday cards, I did however say Happy birthday to both of those friends. I realized I need a reminder for birthdays 2 weeks prior and already have the address saved in my calendar with their birthday for this resolution to work.

I have however watched less tv. It helps that I canceled my Netflix subscription and that Telemundo is acting up on showing me the rest of the “Celia” episodes.

I have been playing with my son (or dancing) uninterrupted for much longer which also causes me a lot of reasons to laugh. And I’ve started hacking away at my book reading wish list so 4 for 8 isn’t too bad right?

Usually the reflective NYE post is supposed to talk about the highlights of 2015, what you’ve learned, etc, etc.

Maybe its my tendency to remember bad things that happen to me more than the good things but honestly I’m kind of glad to be over 2015. When I look back at the highlights most of them have to do with my son’s accomplishments. My own accomplishments? I learned a lot about my self this year even if it’s felt like I haven’t accomplished much. There were a lot of personal pains this year, but I’m glad with the decisions I made for my career and my personal life because otherwise I would have been left thinking what if?

If I had stayed at the job at JB Hunt because it was a good paying job and never took the risk of switching into sales I would have always wondered what if you work somewhere you enjoy being?

If after the birth of my son I took a job near my family and never worked at Yelp I would have always wondered what if I can make it on my own.

I learned that I missed my family too much and I wanted my son to grow up near his family but if I absolutely had to I can live completely on my own, and I can recognize the signs of depression sooner to seek out help sooner.

Although I believe that my emotional well being (or lack of) contributed to the reason I started to do poorly at work I learned a few things about what makes a company a great place to work for and what I like out of a job. I think I owe it to myself not to settle for mediocre.

Its a little after 8am and my son will be waking up soon so this post is wrapping up, look for tomorrows post and Happy New Year!


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