And we’re back

I finally figured out the wifi here at my moms. Yes she has fully accepted the technology of this century. She even texts me sometimes.

So what has happened these last few days? Just because I know I’ll get a kick out of the reaction my brother in law has every time I mention it…I totally dominated the closet space I have and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece of organization.

Alright I’m done boasting about my crazy organizational skills.

I’m trying to take a different approach now that I’m amongst family. In Chicago I didn’t do much or try to meet new people. Mostly because the hassle of driving an hour north of the city for a mom and me class, seemed too burdensome with a hungry baby in tow.

But here I can get anywhere with a quickness. And if you don’t know what the suburbs are like, these places were built with families in mind. So I’m seeking out the play groups, family game nights, toddler time and making the most of what I have around me. I’m already looking forward to take the kids to the aquatic center tomorrow. I’ll be updating you on my new life in suburbia soon.


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