Game of Thrones Reference Here

So I finally watched some Game of Thrones. Yes I caved into the hype. But ERMYGOSH is it good. Anyways, there’s this line from Tyrion Lannister that’s stuck with me the last few days :

“Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you”

It’s one of my less favorable qualities, being highly self critical. I’m probably harder on myself than anyone else is on me. So it’s very apparent to others when something happens or someone says something that pokes at a particular insecurity. As it was for John Snow in this episode when Tyrion ask if he’s the bastard.

So was the case with my path to motherhood. I had been feeling like there was a big red sign outside my door and above my head that read “single mom here”. And anytime that someone asked me about the situation I walked away like a hurt puppy. But recently I’ve been beginning like my title of single mother.

Nothing about my life or about me is traditional. I’m strongly opinionated, and have a smorgasbord of experiences, interests and talents. It’s not a linear story line. And so the fact that I took an unconventional path towards motherhood fits just right.

One day that title may not be in bold letters anymore but it will always be a part of my not so linear story book.

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