Chicago Bucket list

You know if you only saw my life from the pictures from this year you would never be able to tell I was sad here in Chicago. I really did try to show my son the best of the city even though he’s too little to appreciate it yet.

And these last few weeks I’ve been incredibly sad about leaving my life. As lame as it was it was still a life I created. The church I went to every Sunday, the grocery store I shopped at whom the cashiers saw my son get bigger (in my tummy and out of it), and the ladies at the Laundromat who just loved to start up a chat, a part of me is going to miss that. So instead of leaving sad that my time here is up, I’m trying to create the best memories including meeting up with everyone I’ve come close to here in the city, and remembering the good memories me and the little man created. So let me take you through a little overview of our time here:

  1. Visited all 3 museums in 1 day (Planetarium, Aquarium, and Field Museum)
  2. Visited the John Hancock Center and got the most incredible views of the city
  3. Acted like a tourist and went to Millennium Park
  4. Didn’t act like a tourist and found neat hidden parks
  5. Ate at some nationally recognized restaurants (90 miles,White Palace Grill, Yolk)
  6. Found a lot of hole in the wall restaurants that I won’t share because they’re mine to know and you to find out
  7. Took a Bike ride on the lakeshore
  8. Went to the zoo in the summer & winter (for Zoo lights!)
  9. Visited the Children’s Museum on a free day
  10. Played at the Garfield Conservatory
  11. Cried inside the railcar at the Holocaust Museum
  12. Complained about Chicago’s Parking Police
  13. Went to countless festivals in the city (Cuban, Cinco De Mayo, Wicker Park Fest)
  14. Experienced our first posada

So yes my days in Chicago are numbered but for someone who was sort of a recluse these last few years I would say we had a hell of a time.

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