For the disbelievers


There are many people who either don’t believe you can eat on a limited food budget or don’t know how. So for those individuals out there here is what I bought this week and the recipes I’m making. All for under $50 a week for groceries

1 lime $00.13

Pack of flour tortillas $1.09

10 packaged Turkey franks $2.50

Cookies $2.99

Pack of Pasta $00.99

15 oz diced tomatoes $1.19

4 oz sliced mushrooms $00.34

4Applesauce Pouches $3.29

1 yellow pepper $00.80

2.8 pounds of seedless grapes $5.59

1 lb Ground Turkey- $1.99

.64 lb Beef Tip Steak- $2.55

Pack of Beans $2.50

Barbeque Sauce  $2.59

To a grand total  of $28.54 plus taxes

What I’m making:

For Breakfast

Beans with Eggs

Eggs with Turkey dogs


For lunch

beef tips in barbeque sauce with rice find the recipe here (I buy a bag of rice once a month if that)

Refried beans and tortillas

For Dinner

Turkey Soup- recipe here

Mexican Rice and Beans





(I still have bananas and oranges left over from last week)


Mind you this is for me and my son. Granted he’s 15 months old and doesn’t eat a whole lot but that’s still another mouth besides mine to feed. So how do you make it work on a limited food budget, I want new recipes! And if you try eating in for a week I want to hear about your experience….GO!

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