Simply Exist

There are days I barely feel like existing  and today is one

When the walls cave, and the doors close and clouds hide all of the sun

Where anger, fear and resentment intertwine

Thoughts flood my mind but not one whispers hope, not one says you’ll be fine


It’s on days like today where I lose my temper too quickly

I want to run and flee

where all of the emotions trapped inside finally get the better of me


On days like today I close off from the days that seem too long

I convince myself no one wants to hear the





So I don’t talk

I don’t eat

I just pretend to sleep


But then there’s a small beacon of hope that beams in from above

Like a song or a call from someone you love

And at that second you remember you have more fight to give

You’re given one more reason why you should fight to live



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