All up in my feelings

I missed writing on Friday. I don’t really have a good excuse so today that means 2 posts! The first one today is about men and their emotions.

I was recently talking to a close friend about her and her boyfriend and how he’s been fairly insensitive to the stress she’s been putting up with at work. And it made me think about a recent experience I had when I was sharing with a male friend the overwhelming emotions I was having with the job, being away from family, and raising my son on my own.

The consensus was that both  of these men had a “suck it up and deal with it attitude”. As if our emotions weren’t valid and we were being irrational and just had to do better.

It was a real slap in the face. And then we both came to the consensus that we can’t talk to these men about emotional matters because they are just horrible at giving words of encouragement.

And both of these men have strong relationships with their mothers. I hate to generalize all men based off our two experiences but since I’m raising a little man it makes me think is this something as a culture we’re teaching our boys or is it really difference in sex for how we deal with other people’s emotions. Thoughts?


(picture has nothing to do on the topic it’s just a cool looking building from when I was in Miami 2 years ago)

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