2016 Resolutions here they come…

I’m challenging myself to find something to blog about everyday. It seems a little daunting but everything I’ve read about doing it says it gets easier the more practice you put into it. And you would think with day 2 I would have a rush of ideas….wrong.

But as we’re coming up to the new year and I’m at a crossroads I figured now was as good a time as any to think about my new years resolutions and what better way to keep myself accountable.


As I look back at 2015 there were many goals I definitely met and there were a few I missed the mark. But some of these goals were wishy washy and I only mentally made note of these goals. And if I’ve learned anything is that the people who have the most success write specific goals down!

So without further delay my 2016 resolutions

  1. Write a blog post every day
  2. Finish a new book every 2 months (I’m still a mom finishing 1 a month is hard!)
  3. Send birthday cards for my close friends and family’s birthdays
  4. Watch less TV Shows on free time
  5. Trust my instinct
  6. Learn how to make something new and sell it (cake, jewelry, tamales?)
  7. Play an hour a day with my son (even if that means the beds don’t get made and the dishes don’t get washed)
  8. Laugh more

That’s it. Not a new me, not Karina reinvented just working on being better. What are some of your resolutions for 2016?

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