Single Parenting Isn’t Hard

Parenting isn’t hard. It’s exhausting, draining, and keeps you up all night. But the responsibilities of washing, diapering, feeding, playing, reading, rocking to sleep aren’t hard to do, they just leave very little time for anything else.

So when I made the decision to be a parent by myself away from family and help I was very naive in thinking that I could do this totally on my own. I was a college graduate dammit, I had been pretty independent all my life why wouldn’t I be able to handle this new life path?

Well there’s a few logistics about single parenting that I hadn’t thought how mentally taxing it would be on me.

And then there’s some things you just absolutely cannot do. If you’re tight on money you can’t pick up another job unless you have someone to take care of your child whenever you’re working (weekends, late nights) and if you’re on your own like I was in my case, the daycare had its set hours and that’s it.

And you know how they say you have to take care of yourself as a mom so you can be there for your child? Well that doesn’t really happen either without someone who can take care of your rambunctious child for 30 minutes while you get your third cup of coffee, take a walk, and remember you’re still human.

I had kept trying to convince myself that I could and would make it out here on my own. But the more I tried to find examples of women who successfully raised children on their own they either:

  1. Were around family who helped in raising the child
  2. Made enough money to be able to afford a babysitter to get some time to be sane

So I made the decision it’s time to be with family. For my mental health and the well being of my son.

What about you, any experiences when you thought you could handle it all by yourself only to realize you could and should ask for help?


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